Follow These Hair Care Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Locks!

  1. Use Professional lines of hair care products designed for this texture hair. Moisture is key.
  2. Use Professionally licensed and experienced stylists and colorists to work with your hair.
  3. Upon receiving the hair, co- wash with non sulfate product. Initial shedding is normal during the process. As a matter of preference, wefts can be sealed for extra security.
  4. Use brushes /combs with widely spaced, flexible bristles.
  5. Hair is most vulnerable when wet. We recommend against combing, pulling, or stressing the hair and/or weft especially when hair is wet.
  6. Never brush or finger rake hair from root to end directly. Always handle gently.
  7. To Brush: Hold the hair at the base of the neck in a loose ponytail to avoid pulling and breakage. Brush starting grin the bottom: 2 inches to the end, then 4 inches to the end, etc. gradually working your way up 2 inches at a time.
  8. Don’t put excessive heat on the hair.
  9. We also recommend against the use of products with silicon in them.

Professional Tips

  • Use your professional hair care products,(i.e. shampoo or co-wash, conditioner or leave-in conditioner, oil, heat protectant spray, etc.) but do not use so much product that it dulls the hair or weighs it down.
  • Use blow dryer as your detangled. Avoid combing or finger raking hair when wet. After washing, conditioning, etc., use a blow dryer to gently dry and create movement through the hair. As the hair heats and drys, it will do a great deal of detangling on its own. After hair has dried and cooled, lightly finger rake or brush free any remaining tangles.